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Ready Mortgage Site Solution  Ready Mortgage Site Solution DEC.2007
Establish a web presence with Mortgage site solution. Get a ready web site with online calculators, application forms and multiple contact forms. Admin mode has complete control under site content and borrower?s information. Calyx Point and Fannie Mae compatible. Site is SEO friendly and can be easily customized according to your needs. Free technical support. Take your mortgage business to a new level.

ABIX offers you a centralized place to store and organize ALL your information. Its intuitive interface and ease of use make learning ABIX a snap. With ABIX you can manage your agenda, tasks, contacts, anniversaries, passwords, notes, memos, inventory, budget and much more! And you will maintain your information in a way that's so easy to use you'll actually do it. Get all the information you need at your fingertips with ABIX and save time!

Or-Fin - Organize Your Finances  Or-Fin - Organize Your Finances 1.0.7
Or-Fin enables you to quickly plan your personal financial and provision situation, supplies an overview of all financial matters, displays important information about assets/credits/insurance policies/wills and other contracts, can be kept up-to-date with little effort, is user-friendly and can be learned easily, structures and organizes all your data, creates a wide range of reports and your personal finance overview.

Home Budget  Home Budget 3.0
Fast-track your home loan! Become mortgage-free much sooner! Our Home Budget software is designed to help you stay on track with a Line of Credit Home Loan and reach your financial goals sooner. The program calculates and displays a chart showing how your loan will reduce over a five-year period by sticking to your budget. For Mortgage Brokers and Finance Professionals, we can co-brand this program with your company logo and contact details.
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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 2006  Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 2006 8.5
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! now brings you the ability to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependent on data within other fields all within a simple, easy-to-use interface. Make calculations in Contact, Group or Company fields based on data within other fields and over 80 supported functions. Assign a formula to a field (make the field auto "calculated"). Use "if" and "case" statements to build scenarios.
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Real Estate Calculator Suite  Real Estate Calculator Suite 4.9
Home buyers, if real estate and mortgage math stresses you, Real Estate Calculator Suite is the help you need! Includes 16 Calculators; 2 Downpayment Savings calculators, a Date Calculator, Mortgage Qualifier, 2 Loan Amortizers, Loan Spread Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator, Home Sellers Proceeds and Prepayment Calculator.
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PalmaryCalc  PalmaryCalc 1.0.1
PalmaryCalc from a simple calculator with a user-friendly interface to a scientific with different input methods (including RPN), conversion functions (from cooking to astronomical), credit, base number conversions between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal; 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit integer math calculations and conversions; logical and bit-manipulation operations, currency conversion, tip and mortgage calculations.
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Mortgage Home Loan Interest Manager (Linux)  Mortgage Home Loan Interest Manager (Linux) 4.1.061021
Home Loan Interest Manager is a free loan interest checker that allows you to audit the interest you are being charged on your loans. Simply load your loan details and let the tools instantly highlight any errors in the balances and interest amounts. Start monitoring your loans today and make sure you are not paying for someone else's mistakes.
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Ezy Loan Calculator  Ezy Loan Calculator 2.6
Download very user friendly Loan Amortizer. It has the following features `extra payments, skipped payments, late payments, lump sum payments, graphs, interest rate change, country compounding, and much more`.
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Loan And Mortgage  Loan And Mortgage 2.2
Loan And Mortgage is a loan amortization schedule calculator that handles virtually any loan type. This program is flexible and loaded with useful features that can show where to recover or save money instantly! Create multiple percentage rates on the same table, see instantly results of specific changed date/s, payment/s amount, percentage rate, and much, much more! Easily the most useful user-friendly application of its kind in existence.
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Early Mortgage Payoff  Early Mortgage Payoff 1.06
Many home owners are not fully aware how much money can be saved in interest expense by shortening the life of a mortgage. Early Mortgage Payoff was written to show the homeowner the HUGE savings that can be realized by making additional principal payments to a loan. There are no gimmicks here, just simple math! Most homeowners would love to burn their mortgage papers.
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Tiny Mortgage Calculator  Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0
Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0 is a free Windows application that lets you quickly calculate some essential mortgage-related figures. Simply enter the amount to be financed, the interest rate and duration of the loan.
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 Mortgage Home Loan Interest Manager Pro  Mortgage Home Loan Interest Manager Pro 4.1.061021
Is your mortgage one of the thousands being overcharged interest EVERY DAY? Find out now. This mortgage statement error checker will calculate how much your bank has overcharged you, protect the thousands you pay in interest each year, and help you manage and track all aspects of your mortgage. Download this mortgage watchdog today, and make sure your hard-earned income is not being eaten away by mortgage lender mistakes.
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Mortgage Calculator  Mortgage Calculator 1.0
A program that allows you to list, evaluate and compare various mortgage offers. For each offer Mortgage Calculator computes a number of values including monthly payment, total sum to pay, the amount of principal and interest left on a particular date, and the total amount of interest for the whole loan term. It generates an amortization schedule which helps you visualize how the amount of the debt decreases throughout the loan term.
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HowRich  HowRich 1.0.0
After investing your money, paying your taxes, how much will you have in the end? Will you retire to a life of luxury, or should you start saving more? Find out with how rich, and start planning for your future.
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